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Hardwood Floor - How To Lay Hardwood Floor
Hardwood Floor - The in-depth information directory about hardwood floor keeps you informed.
Hardwood Floor - The in-depth information directory about hardwood floor keeps you informed.

How To Lay Hardwood Floor

How To Lay A Replacement Hardwood Floor Board

If a particular plank on your hardwood floor is beyond repair, your best option would be to replace the board with a new one. YOu might initially think that floor board replacement is a job that is reserved only for the professionals. In fact, laying a floor board is actually something you can do yourself, given the right tools and the proper instructions.

There are hardware stores that sell bundled packages for do it yourself hardwood floor replacement projects. They even come with step by step instructions to help even the most inexperienced of floor layers easily understand and follow. So, when your plank needs relaying, have no fear. Instructions on how to lay replacement boards are here.

1 ) Clear the damaged area of all the nails embedded into it. You can do by positioning a nail set over the nail and driving it down as far as possible using a hammer. The purpose of this is to avoiding having the hammer pound against the wood and causing further damage.

2 ) Once the nails are removed, remove the damaged board by using a wood chisel to pry the affected area out. The absence of the nails should make this process easy, but you still have to be careful not to ruin the adjacent boards.

3 ) Prepare your replacement plank and try to see if its a perfect fit to the blank spot. If it's too big you will have to make the necessary adjustments.

4 ) Turn the replacement board over and put construction adhesive. This will enable the plank to stick to the subfloor.

5 ) Tap the board into place and make sure that it's in the right position. When you have finally decided on its placement, that's when you drive 2 - inch nails to secure it. Use a nail set to drive the nails' heads a little below the surface so they don't jot out.

6 ) Sand the area to even the surface out and apply a finish that matches the rest of the hardwood floor.

Now you know how to lay a replacement hardwood floor board without paying for professional help.
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2nd Hardwood Floor - How To Lay Hardwood Floor 2nd Hardwood Floor - The in-depth information directory about hardwood floor keeps you informed. 2nd Hardwood Floor - The in-depth information directory about hardwood floor keeps you informed.


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